Self-Propelled Equipment

Grain harvesters

  • Automated systems for cutting heights control, load control, auto guidance.
  • Yield monitoring systems (grain flow, moisture, protein)
  • Residue monitoring system

Forage harvesters

Automated systems for cutting heights, load control, auto guidance, chemicals injection, unloading spout control (following the vehicle/cart), metal detection and cutting cylinder damage prevention.

Grape Harvesters (auto guidance, vines heights cutting)

Tobacco Harvesters (auto guidance)

Tomato harvester (cutting depth control, robotization concept)

Potato Harvester (cutting depth control, auto guidance, yield monitoring)

Sugar Cane Harvester (yield monitoring, load control, double unit)

Sugar beet Harvester (device for separating soil and vegetable residues from roots)

Sprayers (new vehicle concepts, suspensions, application systems, variable size compartments, boom evaluations)


  • Performance optimization and statistical analysis, mission planning, energy management
  • Bench mark testing (6 competitors' models)
  • Cooling packages development including 19L Cummins engine
  • Test procedures development
  • New performance matrix development
  • Slip control using an automatic central tire inflation system
  • Variable speed PTO
  • Group guidance systems

Gantry vehicle for agriculture (concept development, modular vehicle design, design and prototype building supervision)

Pull type equipment


  • Round Baler chemicals injection control system
  • Centrifugal pump for chemicals metering
  • Device for automatic regulation of liquid flow rate
  • Picker for hay bailing press
  • Big Square baler performance optimization system

Instrumented Deep Tillage Implement (soil compaction monitoring)

Implement for stripping protective film from rows

New technologies of seeds planting

Stationary Equipment

  • Equipment for potato chemical treatment
  • Workstation for soil sample preparation and analysis (14 parameter /min, conveyer type)
  • Device for cleaning and grading of tubers and vegetables
  • Device for covering fruits and vegetables by protective layer
  • Greenhouses automation
  • Disk sprayer

Site-Specific Crop Management

  • New concepts of chemicals and fertilizer application
  • An automated soil sampler with a packaging unit
  • Workstations for soil sample preparation and analysis (14 parameters/min, rotary type)
  • Various Decision Support systems
  • Methodology of soil sampling and field profiling
  • Yield monitoring research (grains, potato, sugar cane)
  • Green Star guidance system specification development
  • Mission planning concept
  • Soil compaction determination
  • Equipment with Variable size bins for liquid and solid products


  • All mentioned above automation projects I've started as a response to customers’ needs assessing the volume of market and potential price of the future product
  • Development of customer success services
  • Knowledge intensive services creation and development
  • Development/creation of sustainable systems / businesses from crop production to food marketing and distribution
  • Development of vertically integrated agriculture enterprises
  • Tyler Manufacturer Representative in CIS
  • Prospecting customers for 8000 autonomous tractor applications
  • Market research in Russia, Belarus (special assignments)
  • Business plan for "Zubasty" (advertising agency)
  • A new gantry type platform for crop production in controlled traffic environment
  • Farming/crop production services (production optimization)
  • Custom crop production service
  • Education services/university
  • Wind powered self-contained energy/hydrogen producing units
  • Farm Depot
  • Systems marketing
  • Requirements management
  • Biomass
  • Evaluation of technology for producing liquid human grade protein and pharmaceutical substances from alfalfa (semi permeable membranes technology, AURI-Mary Kay)


  • Evaluation of parasitic losses in JD transmissions and development of transmission quality assessment
  • Collected data relevant to quality of JD tractors (power delivery, fuel efficiency, parasitic losses, cooling package performance)
  • Detecting malfunctions in cooling filling machines and adjusting process for their control
  • Adjusted majority of mentioned above systems for the OEM technology of manufacturing and supply bases
  • Supervised redesigning of big floaters frames for Tyler in Belarus (including jigs and fixtures)
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Manuals verification
  • Work on the assembly line (280 gearboxes per shift)


  • Dynamic modeling
  • Processes modeling
  • Statistics
  • Experiments design
  • Optimization
  • Qualitative modeling
  • Decision support systems
  • GIS