New Ag Systems (NAS) is a consultancy founded and operated by Dr. Andrey Skotnikov.

Andrey provides strategic marketing, business development, product development and R&D of ag systems and precision agriculture.

Andrey has consulted in dozens of countries in North and South Americas and Europe. More importantly, he has traveled throughout the business world, where he has been involved hands-on in all aspects of agriculture, from crop production, equipment design, research and development, teaching, manufacturing, and marketing, to technology, business development, and overall systems integration.

This broad base of experience has allowed Andrey to see many different ways of thinking and transacting business. He also has four advanced degrees in Business/Engineering that give him a deep technical knowledge as well as a broad range of skills. This background gives him a unique perspective on the state of modern crop production, its future, and how science, engineering, and business are intertwined.

During the last couple of years Andrey specialized in consultations on the development/creation of sustainable systems / businesses from crop production to food marketing and distribution. In his development, business is viewed as an ideal investment, where sustainability always equals profitability. Andrey's recommendations are based on a systems approach and include the use of recent advances in information and communication technology and automation.

Andrey offer proven capabilities in the identification of industry opportunities through a keen awareness of market trends and customer requirements. His experience does not stop at the identification of opportunities, but continues through business/market development and sales channel/distribution management.

With a superior ability to assess complex business, market, operational, and technology challenges Dr. Skotnikov can be your quick reaction force of rapid response to developing situations.

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