Mitchell Fiene

Founder of DMZ


“Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insight on interconnectivity in agriculture at the 2nd IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference. The ag industry as a whole is racing into the future and new technologies are being designed and implemented all over the world. Concepts such as Mission Planning, Lean Processing, and Drone Technology are becoming more and more prevalent in the world we live in. Your expertise throughout a plethora of subject matter allowed those of us in attendance at the Ideag Interconnectivity Conference to take a giant leap toward visualizing the future.”

Eli Troyer

President of AgriDry LLC


The conference material was very informative as to what needs to be done to connect the farmer/grower and his advisers/partners in the agronomy side of his operation. The farmer/grower presentations were very enlightening as to what they are looking for in suppliers/partners and how they are utilizing networking with people that are in the know. As a supplier to the post grain harvest side of the grower, the challenge/opportunity lies in the support for the user of the equipment/technology/service at the user level. Future conferences could include post-harvest material like grain quality control in grain drying and grain storage systems."

Michael Swanson

Senior Economist at Wells Fargo


"The presentation stresses the absolute importance of viewing agricultural production as an inter-connected system. Operators need to integrate rapidly changing technology into their operations. They must make their place in the future by planning to adapt, or they will not have a place in the future of agriculture."

Mike Martin

Content Director, IDEAg Interconectivity Conference


"Andrey, thanks for applying your insight, experience and intellect in helping develop and direct the presentations for the IDEAg Interconnectivity conference. Your lead-off presentation helped break a complex topic into a series of understandable elements and set the stage for a sound educational experience for our audience. You brought a valuable and unique global perspective."

Don McGrath

President and CEO of Tyler


“It is my opinion that Dr. Skotnikov is one of the best and most outstanding agricultural scientists who can make a revolutionary change to the current agricultural practice in the U.S. In particular, I am extremely impressed with his broad and in-depth knowledge in agricultural engineering at a global level, and his extraordinary technical ability in developing agricultural equipment of the utmost significance… Thanks to the extraordinary contributions made by Dr. Skotnikov, further developed were concepts such as family of tenders, applicators and tenders with variable size of compartments, a yield and residue monitoring system, an automated system for sprayer control, and a revolutionary concept of a self propelled sprayer… As a representative of Tyler Industries in the Eastern European countries, Dr' Skotnikov has successfully assisted Tyler with the establishment of international business relations with these countries… The continuous and future expansion of Tyler's export market into this region of the world could not be made possible but for Dr. Skotnikov's unique and top-level technical expertise, and through his familiarity with the agricultural practices and marketing demands of the Eastern European countries… All these accomplishments were made possible because of the exceptional engineering talent of one agricultural engineer, Dr. Skotnikov… No other engineers have contributed toward our development of the SSCM systems as much as Dr. Skotnikov… Furthermore, it is Dr. Skotnikov who has made this opportunity possible and will continue his guidance in the development of the Eastern European market.

Dr. Thomas S. Colvin

Agricultural Engineer at the National Soil Tilth Laboratory (NSTL), an Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture


“Dr. Skotnikov is an agricultural engineer of extraordinary aptitude.” Dr. Colvin notes the tremendous economic and environmental benefits that Dr. Skotnikov’s Site-Specific Crop Management system brings to the American farmers. Specifically, he notes that this system “is unique in that no other agricultural support system offers such detailed and specific analysis for the purpose of crop management, which will result in significant savings on chemical fertilizers.” The System efficiently determines the appropriate amount to be applied to a given field area. Furthermore, the reduction in the application of chemicals and fertilizers to certain areas should lead to healthier soil for more productive farming on a long term basis. In these varied aspects, the SSCM invented by Dr. Skotnikov brings the U.S. farmers enormous economic benefits. He further notes that “wide use of the system is expected, which will revolutionize American farming practices.”

Dr. Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer

Associate Dean and Director of International Programs in Agriculture, Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University


Dr. Skotnikov is “an exceptional agricultural scientist and engineer whose top level work makes significant contributions to the U.S. agricultural economy”…“promises to reduce the cost of intensive soil sampling by 90% resulting in a significant savings.” He further notes the importance and leadership role of the U.S. agriculture, which represents 10% of all U.S. exports, which is “expected to provide $30 billion trade surplus in 1996,” and identifies “technology as the key to maintaining this position as the world’s leader in agriculture.” Therefore, he concludes that “we must retain top level agricultural scientists such as Dr. Skotnikov to direct us toward a better future.”

Dr. Byron Vaughan

Chief of Staff of Laboratory Services at Harris and General Chair of the Soil and Plant Analysis Council, Inc.


Their business is to develop and provide farming technology and information to the agricultural industry, EPA, USDA, and FDA. Dr. Vaughan states that: “Dr. Skotnikov is one of the world’s leading agricultural engineers in the development of the site specific crop management system” which is “a significant agricultural innovation.” Dr. Vaughan further attests that the development of the SSCM system would not have been possible without Dr. Skotnikov’s “rare degree of expertise” and that “the management systems and machines developed by Dr. Skotnikov not only promote the economy of the U.S. farming industry, but protect the U.S. population from exposure to hazardous agricultural chemicals currently rampantly applied by farmers.”

Dr. Dan Long

Associate Professor and Crop Range Scientist in Site-specific Crop Management at the Northern Research Center at Montana State University


Dr. Long states that the results of SSCM is “improved agricultural return, sustainability and environmental quality” and that “through his work, Dr. Skotnikov makes an invaluable contribution of national significance.”

Jesse Vollmar

CEO, FarmLog


“Andrey clearly understands where farming is going and how technology can be a part of that.”

Matthew J Rohlik

Integrated Solutions Manager, Haug Implement Company


"Andrey, I would be honored to give you some thought. The material provided was thought provoking and intuitive. As we look forward to the future of Agriculture and the survival of the American Farmer we will need to look more in depth at ways of improving our bottom line. You clearly have a vision for sustainable agriculture that will endure into the future."

Steve Faivre

Director, Concept Development at John Deere Agri Services


"During my years working with Andrey at Case IH and John Deere, I was fortunate to witness his unique out-of-the-box insight in customer needs and his uncanny ability to generate innovative solutions to meet them."

Aaron Hutchinson

President Cogent 3D, Rockville, MD


"Andrey's concept of applying LEAN processes to improve farming efficiency and profitability is very innovative and shows a strong grasp on the agriculture market needs to do better while producing even higher quality and consistent agro-products."

Dr. R.J. Palmer

President of Accutrak Systems Ltd.


Dr. R.J. Palmer, President of Accutrak Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of precise navigation systems for agricultural machinery, and Professor of Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Regina in Canada. Dr. Palmer states that Dr. Skotnikov's Site-Specific Crop Management system is a “truly exceptional accomplishment rarely achieved by other engineers”…."the benefits of using such as system are unlimited. Significant benefits include reduction of costs and expenditures to farmers, increased productivity of farming management, protection of the environment, and improvement of health to all of us who consume farm products and live in the environment which is heavily affected by the agricultural chemicals used"…“beyond the economic benefits to the U.S., we, mankind, will continue to benefit substantially by Dr. Skotnikov’s life-long effort with reduced health risks and environmental hazards.”

Dr. Simon Blackmore

Professor of Agro Technology


Dr. Simon Blackmore, Agro Technology, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, Professor. He describes Dr. Skotnikov as an "international expert in site-specific crop management" who has “substantially contributed to the development of the agricultural industry in the U.S. and overseas. His contributions to the health and welfare of mankind, agricultural productivity, improvement of the threatened world environment, and improvement of U.S. trade are enormous". Dr. Blackmore evidences Dr. Skotnikov's substantial contribution to “the U.S.'s development in Eastern Europe", which resulted in excellent reception of Tyler's products in Belarus and substantial economic gain to Tyler.

Dr. Ewald Schnug

Director of the Institute of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science


Dr. Blackmore attesting to the “highly sophisticated and complex” nature of the SSCM system designed by Dr. Skotnikov which “is of utmost interest in the agricultural industry” because it “represents the highest level of efficiency in crop management and planning.” The development of such a system “is an extremely challenging task” which requires the “expertise of the very best agricultural engineers such as Dr. Skotnikov.” Furthermore, Dr. Schnug notes Dr. Skotnikov’s international notoriety and his “indispensable” role in “the continued development of the agricultural industry, and for the promotion of the health and the welfare of mankind in the world.”

Dr. Pierre Robert

Professor in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Precision Agriculture Center in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota


Dr. Robert called Dr. Skotnikov an outstanding scientist and “a researcher of international reputation in the area of precision farming,” Dr. Robert notes that Dr. Skotnikov’s SSCM development “helps to protect valuable and irreplaceable environmental resources such as soil and water supplies from contamination,” which is of “vital interest to the well-being of our natural environment and quality of life.” He emphasizes the importance of “efficient management of soil resources.” Dr. Robert noted that “Dr. Skotnikov’s work results in productive and healthy soil while making our consumption of safe food possible. Dr. Skotnikov’s uniquely original and one-of-a-kind research has contributed greatly to environmentally responsible agronomic management plans.”

Dr. Stuart Birrell

Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University


Dr. Birrell states that Dr. Skotnikov's “capabilities in agricultural engineering are extraordinary,” The SSCM system developed by Dr. Skotnikov is “one of the greatest agricultural innovations I have seen in a long time.” Dr. Birrell further notes that the SSCM system reduces health and environmental risks “caused by agricultural chemicals” such as “increased birth defects, increased cancer risks, and decreasing fertility rates in humans.” He further attests that “wider use of SSCM is a solution, and to this end we rely heavily on the top-level expertise of scientists, such as Dr. Skotnikov.”. He further documents that SSCM contributes to a substantial increase of the global competitiveness of the U.S. agriculture.