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Agro Lider: Why Hightech? (07/2012)

IDEAg Interconectivity Conference: June 25-27, 2012.
Dr. Skotnikov served as an Advisory Board Content Co-Chair at Cygnus Business Media

April 2012 - consulted International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) in Moldova.
The project goal was to find ways to connect small and medium producers with high-value agricultural commodity chains in order to incrementally increase profits and sustainability.
During this project Dr. Skotnikov:
• Reviewed the status of contract farming in Moldova
• Provide a sample of viable contract farming systems in use in other countries
• Consulted leading stakeholders involved in rural value chains
• Developed a contract farming “template” incorporating relevant elements of the Moldovan legal, social and production context

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Russian Minister of Agriculture visit to John Deere

Chicago Sun-Times (03/23/1999)

New Agribusiness, Spring 1995, regarding my innovative engineering development of the Automatic Soil Sampler in collaboration with Tyler.

U.S. Department of State Annual Report to congress on the new independent states released, January 31, 1995: “Mr. Skotnikov has successfully facilitated the sale of $2 million worth of Tyler's agricultural equipment to companies in the NIS.”

Successful Farming, January 1995, regarding Dr. Skotnikov’s successful collaboration in the development of the Automatic Soil Sampler, which "promises to cut the cost of intensive soil sampling by up to 90% and will save a farmer "a bill of a few dollars an acre.”

Monitor-News (08/31/1994)

AgInnovator, August l994, regarding Tyler's new development of the Automated Soil Sampler and work station for soil analysis in collaboration with Dr. Skotnikov.

West Central Tribune. (7/13/93) The article documents Dr. Skotnikov’s substantial contributions to Tyler's overseas development in Belarus.

Monitor-News (02/10/1993)