The 2nd Annual IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference

July 15, 2013

The 2nd Annual IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference brought together the whole interconnected agriculture sector for two days of cutting edge education, exhibits and networking. The most innovative crop and animal agriculture producers gathered with top technology and equipment suppliers to discuss the key issues in our connected agricultural future.

This educational forum will provided information and allow discussion on the complexities of our interconnected age.

Here are some participants testimonials:

Mitchell Fiene, DMZ founder:


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insight on interconnectivity in agriculture.  The ag industry as a whole is racing into the future and new technologies are being designed and implemented all over the world.  Concepts such as Mission Planning, Lean Processing, and Drone Technology are becoming more and more prevalent in the world we live in.  Your expertise throughout a plethora of subject matter allowed those of us in attendance at the Ideag Interconnectivity Conference to take a giant leap toward visualizing the future.

Eli Troyer President AgriDry LLC

Hello Andrey,

The conference material was very informative as to what needs to be done to connect the farmer/grower and his advisers/partners in the agronomy side of his operation. The farmer/grower presentations were very enlightening as to what they are looking for in suppliers/partners and how they are utilizing networking with people that are in the know. As a supplier to the post grain harvest side of the grower, the challenge/opportunity lies in the support for the user of the equipment/technology/service at the user level. Future conferences could include post-harvest material like grain quality control in grain drying and grain storage systems. Good format and material.

Michael Swanson, Senior Economist Wells Fargo: The presentation stresses the absolute importance of viewing agricultural production as an inter-connected system.  Operators need to integrate rapidly changing technology into their operations.  They must make their place in the future by planning to adapt, or they will not have a place in the future of agriculture.

Jesse Vollmar, CEO FarmLog: “Andrey clearly understands where farming is going and how technology can be a part of that”.

Matthew J Rohlik, Integrated Solutions Manager Haug Implement Company


I would be honored to give you some thought. The material provided was thought provoking and intuitive. As we look forward to the future of Agriculture and the survival of the American Farmer we will need to look more in depth at ways of improving our bottom line. You clearly have a vision for sustainable agriculture that will endure into the future.

Sarah Davis, at John Deere said the content was “utterly amazing at this show.”

Posted by Andrey Skotnikov at 9:12pm

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